M'Loyal is the world's first Mobile Loyalty Platform that not only replaces the Plastic Card system, it also connects 'purchases' with 'rewards', allowing you to recognize your BEST Customers and reward them, ENGAGE with them with the help of Mobile Marketing & Advertising and M-Coupon Campaign Managers inbuilt in the Platform. It further allows CRM Managers to plan and create Mobile Advertisng & Marketing Campaigns AND measure the effectiveness of teh campaign.

  • Complete customer application form customized to your requirement loaded to run on common mobile device of your field representative
  • Capture Customer Photo
  • Capture Customer Signature (touch screen devices only)
  • All mandatory form validations before submission
  • Real time secure transfer of data to your server
  • No data resides on mobile device after final submission
  • Web Panel to monitor & moderate data
  • Web Services based integration support to your existing system



Validated, Proven and Tested
at multiple remote locations across India



  • Reduce TAT for customers
  • Real Time Tracking from the field
  • Automate complete approval workflow
  • Inbuilt Photo & Signature capture
  • Efficient tracking & management of field staff
  • Manage metro, cities & remote locations under one unified system
  • Automate process without major investments in acquiring new system/software. Plugs in to your existing system
  • Save Paper Go Green!



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