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Mobiquest™ is a mobile Enterprise Platform Company. The company uses the SAAS model to provide the customers with mobile based enterprise business automation applications. The company has created more than 50 mobile applications across many Industries. Some of our products are: MobiResearch, MobiInsure, MobiData, MobiAssess, MobiBank, MobiTest, MobiEvaluate, MobiOpinion, MobiRegister, MobiVerfiy, MobiHire, MobiConnect and more. Mobiquest™ is a mobile venture of Xceed IT Solutions. Xceed is a global offshore outsourcing provider to leading customers around the globe.

Mobiquest™ works with customers to seamlessly to enable their business processes on mobile. Mobiquest™ platform creates applications that can run on a simple common phone. These application are interactive and linked with internal databases of the organization. Field force integration is key to business process automation, Mobiquest™ fills the gap that PC based Internet could not address. With more and more mobile phones all around the world and mobile Internet becoming a common item, mobile enabled business processes can help connect people and transfer data seamlessly in real time.

about us Mobiquest™ has mapped more than 600 processes across multiple industries. We have a team of workflow architects who create flowcharts for different industry needs. The mobile technology team uses the Mobiquest™ platform to then mobile enable the workflow. We provide data in the form of web reports and also in excel format. The data can be imported using the excel files into any external business system.



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